13 funniest military memes for the week of June 9

It’s a tradition as old as time. From the days of Sun Tzu and George Patton, military leaders have taken a break every Friday to share dank memes.

These are those memes:

1. Can confirm this is the test, can give no guidance on how to complete it (via Air Force amn/nco/snco).

AFForum-DLN-Army asvab military memes

D-mned devil ball.

2. No one is out there to bother you, lots of fresh air (via Military Memes).

MM-DLN-funny Navy memes dot com best job

Also, bring lots of water. You’ll be out there a while.

3. This is a whole new level (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

Funny military memes vacuuming the grass

Can not figure out what this does. Like, at all.

Also see: This incredible rap song perfectly captures life in Marine Corps infantry >

4. Why is the sky blue? God loves the infantry (via Military Memes).

MM-DLN-Funny military memes

But he only pours his liquid crayons on the tankers.

5. Better limber up those arms. This is about to get rough (via The Salty Soldier).

TSS-funny army memes face when youre about to get smoked like a cigarette

Of course, one man’s “something stupid” is another man’s “Got two different generals’ daughters pregnant.”

6. Slowly, the military melts more and more of the happiness off your bones (via Air Force amn/nco/snco).

AFForum-funny air force memes rank growth

And, apparently, gives you two more legs.

7. “Just send iiiiit!”
(via Keep Calm and Call for Artillery)

DYEJ-funny Army memes FDC vs gunline send it

All good fire missions are initiated while slightly inebriated.

8. Deliveries of donuts are pretty great at raising morale (via Coast Guard Memes).

CGM-DLN-Funny military memes coast guard donut delivery

Of course, doing them too often also lowers the boat in the waterline.

9. If the students weren’t so worthless, we wouldn’t have these issues (via Decelerate Your Life).

funny navy memes instructors on shore duty

“You can start by taking your heads out of your a-ses.”

10. It’s been a while since I had a class that wasn’t about sexual harassment or suicide prevention (via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting).

WINR-DLN-funny military GI bill memes

“What time does the class report to formation?”

11. Oh, if only we were all in Alpha Company …
(via Why I’m Not Re-enlisting)

WINR-DLN-funny military memes watching the good company get released

… instead of in Charlie where dudes KEEP LOSING SENSITIVE ITEMS!

12. You ever seen an insurgent go steel-on-steel with their first round?
(via The Salty Soldier)

funny army memes IDF no one can aim just gonna mow this grass

Nobody has, so stop running.

13. Oh, you made points or something?
(Via Decelerate Your Life)

DYL-DLN-funny navy memes- goose cool story bro

Cool story, bro. Tell it again but, like, over there.

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