The 13 funniest military memes this week — MRE edition

This week’s meme roundup is dedicated to fine military cuisine. You know, the nutrient rich, cardboard textured, grownup Lunchables the military feeds you out in the field. Yes, that’s right, MREs.

Some troops like MREs, but most will probably identify with this meme:

eating an mre

Recruiters are known for leaving out a thing or two.

MREs look so innocent, but there’s a world of hurt waiting for you.

eat an mre they said

This little box packs a punch.

Getting the goodies always begins with a struggle.

scars mre

When you finally open the box, you realize that the goodies aren’t always so yummy, so you enhance them with flavor.

mre tobasco flavor enhancer

Tapatio and Texas Pete are also good choices.

Some MREs could serve as a weapon in the field.

taco mre

The military got rid of flamethrowers because they were considered too cruel.

Just add “chemical X” to upgrade to the next level.

blowing up a toilet after mre

The upgrade is similar to a grenade launcher.

Ejecting an MRE from the body could feel like an impossible task.

impossibru mre

Some people describe it as giving birth to a knotted rope.

how feels to shit an mre

And you thought the knotted rope was only a boot camp thing.

Nope, MRE’s aren’t innocent.

impossibru mre face

Yup, looks can be deceiving.

On the bright side, you could use MREs for other things, like getting yourself squared away.

use for an mre box

Or, getting the comforts of home out in the field.

You’ll grow to love them, at least until your next hot meal.

they said you could have anything mre

They make a great gift.

taco mre love

Soon, she’ll be as deadly as you.

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