The 13 funniest military memes of the week

More memes than you can shake a bayonet at.

1. When you all show up to the ball in the same dress.


“We finally got to design our own look and we all chose grass chic?”

2. They’re just so adorable when they play military.


“Time out! Time out! I think you bruised my leg!”

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3. The Air Force likes to front load the pain and get it out of the way.


That way, the next six weeks or whatever aren’t too hard.

4. When the ensign is not happy with your performance.


“Did I say mashed bananas, chief? No. I believe I said blended sweet potatoes, didn’t I?”

5. “My number provides firm support with a few nice rocks to prop me up.”


“It’s number 11 Bravo.”

6. “Surprise!”


“I just wanted you to know I was thinking of you!”

7. Not sure what insurance could do for you at this point.


You may want to do the EOD jingle at this point.

8. Promises, promises.


Don’t believe you’re getting off until you’re in the barracks with the door locked. Then, hide from the Duty NCO because he’ll bring you back.

9. Operational security is important.


“We were wearing all of our tactical gear. We should’ve been invincible!”

10. “It’ll be just like Call of Duty.”


“Your recruiter lied to you? Quick, call your Congressman!”

11. If those bags aren’t filled with fungicide, he’s still screwed.


Luckily, doc will be able to give you 800mg of ibuprofen to deal with the diseases you pick up.

 12. Forgot your shower shoes?


That’s going to come up at libo brief.

13. When boots graduate boot camp and are surprised they’re still boots.


Turns out, EGA isn’t a championship trophy.

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