19 pictures of troops braving the cold that will make you thankful to be indoors


Troops don’t wait for perfect conditions to get things done, and combat ops and mission training don’t get canceled by winter weather.

Here are 19 pictures that will make you thankful to be indoors.

This picture of Air Force C-130s landing on an icy runway to deliver troops:

31 cold military

Photo: U.S. Army

These soldiers digging out a vehicle stuck in the snow in Zabul province, Afghanistan:

20 cold military

Photo: U.S. Navy

These soldiers scaling a cliff with spiked boots and climbing gear:

29 cold military

This soldier pitching a tent in sub-zero temperatures:

14 cold millitary

Photo: U.S. Air Force

 … and his brothers who keep him company:

Exercise Wolf Pack Endeavour 2011

… while a few pull sentry duty:


Photo: USMC

These flight deck sailors waiting on jets to return:


Photo: U.S. Navy

… while others huddle around the catapult steam to keep warm:

16 cold military

This Army rifleman providing security in the snow:

ANSF, TF Storm Brake Trail to Show They Are Relentless in Securing Kharwar

Photo: U.S. Army

These Marines braving a snow storm on patrol:

3 cold military


Or this soldier standing guard in the village of Marzak, Afghanistan:

7 cold military

Photo: U.S. Army

These Marine Corps officer candidates marching through a snow storm while carrying close to their equivalent in weight:


Photo: USMC

This airman at Bagram Air Field, Afghanistan working on a C-130 during snow fall:

8 cold military


… while this soldier on the other side of the base clears the snow from a Chinook:

9 cold military


This sailor clearing the snow from the pier to make it easier to get in and out of his home — the USS Missouri:

19 cold military

Photo: U.S. Navy

This sailor directing an E/F-18 Growler in the middle of a heavy snow storm:

18 cold military

Photo: U.S. Navy

These guys shoveling snow off the flight deck:

4 cold military

Photo: U.S. Navy

… while this Air Boss tries to get a snowball fight going:

5 cold military

Photo: U.S. Navy

… and these Marines showing how moto they are with a little shirtless winter wonderland PT:

30 cold military

Photo: Daily Mail

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