5 Chinese Military Uniform Fails

chinese tanker soldier

Despite having the world’s second largest military budget, the Chinese military is far behind the U.S. in taking care of their troops. An article on Yahoo claims that the total value of a Chinese service member’s gear is roughly equivalent to the cost of two iPods whereas the U.S. spends approximately the price of a mid-level car on each service member. This means that not only do U.S. troops generally enjoy greater comfort and security, but that the Chinese are putting their military dollars into other projects.

The lack of spending on troop gear has not gone unnoticed by Chinese troops. According to a PLA political officer, “If we provide him with advanced protective equipment he will feel very assured, and as a result he will have more confidence to win the war.”

1. They used rope to hold up their underwear until recently.

chinese military soldiers in blue uniform

2. Most of them are still wearing steel helmets.
chinese military salute field

3. None of their headgear features communication equipment.
chinese military no helmets

4. Helmets weren’t standard issue during the Vietnam war.

chinese military pacific visit by the U.S.

5. Few soldiers wear bulletproof jackets.

chinese military officer salute

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