These crazy photos show 30+ ton tanks in flight

With crews of four men, thick armor, and enough firepower to level a village, tanks weren’t designed to fly. But the laws of physics never stopped tankers from trying:

1. Like this baby taking flight:

jumping tank

 2. Can you say tankapult?

flying tank mitch.10.ryan

Photo: Mitch.10.Ryan/Instagram

3. Seriously, this is what life as a US Army tanker is all about. Shooting, jumping and blowing stuff up, you know: tank stuff.

flying tank military challenge

Photo: Military_Challenge/Instagram

4. We hear that the new Polish tank will have an easier time getting off the ground than this one.

flying tank military_challenge

Photo: Military_Challenge/Instagram

5. Is this a Russian separatist tank? Those guys have lots of fancy gear.

flying tank anoshina_a

Photo: Anoshin_A/Instagram

 6. No, this is not photoshopped.

flying tank tanker boy

Photo: tankerboy/tumblr

7. Boomshakalaka!

flying tank Lifeofmice/Instagram

Photo: Lifeofmice/Instagram

8. Here’s how the Indonesian Marines do it.

flying tank fnhfal.tumblr

Photo: fnhfal/tumblr

9. This photo proves that trying to fly tanks isn’t a new phenomenon.

flying tank infinite_stash

Photo: infinite_stash/Instagram

11. They even tried to make it into a sport.

flying tank davechoppers

Photo: davechoppers/Instagram

11. Forget calling in air support, call your craziest tank crew instead.

Flying tank koko

Photo: koko-hekmatiaru/tumblr