The 13 Funniest Military Memes This Week

Welcome to 2015! The holidays are over and, for some of us, the shine is already coming off the New Year. If you need a boost to face the next 52 weeks, try these 13 military memes that made us laugh.

The dog jumped; paratroopers just fall

Air Force, Airborne, military memes, working dogs, canines, K-9
Hey, the dogs get parachutes too.

No loitering or soliciting

Marine Corps, Devil Dogs, Military Meme
The only bum fights with national security repercussions

The best air shows require ordnance

Air Force, bombing, Military Meme
Why set down the controller? Can’t you pilot with those now?

It’s alright, you’ll sweat it out

Military Meme, Physical training, PT
As long as you wear a reflective belt

No s–t, there I was…

Military Meme, National Guard, Ice Cream Truck, Army
…it had been hours since lunch, and I was at the back of the line.

If they were equal, the Marines couldn’t spend so much time bragging

Military Meme, Marine Corps
Nope, just paid the same.

Dress for the job you want

PPE, Military meme, Army, deployment, Combat
Pretty sure those toys are wearing their helmets though. Proper PPE, fellas, Proper PPE.


ENDEX, Military Meme, Kunsan, Air Force
Best feeling in the military is, right before you have to admit you screwed up, hearing ENDEX.

The miracle of birth

Military Meme, Air Force, Jets, Fighters, Cargo planes
Jets, the only babies that throw their own showers

Overly manly man has a sweet tooth

Cavalry, Cav Scout, Military Meme, Overly Manly Man
No. They don’t share them either.

Lock the door, leave the lights off

Duty NCO, Military Life, Military Meme
It’s always the duty. ALWAYS.

At least they included a spot for the helicopter

Air Force, Navy, Golf, Carrier, Military Memes
Kind of surprised they settled for only one hole

Military service is steeped in tradition

Military Meme, History, Army, Rockets, Bazookas, AT-4
Worst time for a negligent discharge
These are the military traditions for deployed troops celebrating Thanksgiving

While you're deployed, weekends aren't really a thing — neither are most holidays. Thanksgiving, however, is a moment when the military slows down.

Forget multitasking, this Navy squadron has only one mission — rescue people

The Navy has an entire squadron for search and rescue, and it is the only squadron in the Navy that has an advance life-support helicopter platform.

How the Coast Guard intercepts half a million pounds of cocaine

For the last couple decades, the Coast Guard has pushed out further, taking more aggressive stabs at the flow of drugs that make their way into the U.S.

More remains of Special Forces soldier found in Niger

The Department of Defense announced that military investigators found additional remains that they have positively ID'd as Sgt. La David T. Johnson.

'Butcher of of Bosnia' sentenced to life in prison for genocide

"The Butcher of Bosnia" was handed a life sentence on November 22nd, 2017, for war crimes and the slaughter of 8,000 men and young children.

New engravings on the USMC War Memorial honor Iraq and Afghanistan Marines

On Nov. 22, the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial was updated to include Afghanistan and Iraq in the list of campaigns that runs along the memorial's base.

ISIS may focus on a virtual caliphate after losing real-world war

As the Islamic State loses the in real life war they've waged against the world, they've moved their game online- waging war in the virtual world.

Everything you need to know about Zimbabwe's ousted dictator

The dictator of Zimbabwe announced his resignation on Nov. 21, 2017 after the county's army took of the capital and family, forcing the resignation.

Watch this Marine get pinned by his 3-year-old son

Watch this adorable little boy steal into the hearts of all the Marines and civilians present as he promotes his dad and pins on his promoted rank.

Watch a North Korean defector dodging bullets to cross the DMZ

A North Korean attempting to defect to the South, who was found to be full of parasites, was shot by his fellow soldiers. We Are the Mighty has the video.