Navy just dropped its new 2017 smack talk video

In the tradition of “We Give a Ship,” one of the Naval Academy’s most prolific viral video purveyors presents “Helm Yeah!” – as in, “Helm Yeah Navy is going to beat Army this year.”

Naval Academy graduate Rylan Tuohy and a host of fellow graduated Midshipmen rally together every year to produce a high-quality video that, not only burns the Army and its cadets at West Point, but reminds Navy grads of their outstanding fellow alums.

This year’s video includes Annapolis alums Senator John McCain, Roger Staubach, Admiral John Richardson, the Chief of Naval Operations, and even Secretary of the Navy Richard Spencer. Beyond that, it looks like video was sent in from around the Navy, showing the Blue Angels, the USS George H.W. Bush, the USS Kearsarge, and more.

A previous spirit video featured similar wordplay-rich smack talk before the big game. In 2014, Tuohy and crew uploaded “We Give a Ship” to YouTube.

Tuohy’s video burn prompted a response from the West Pointers the next year. Army even included some clever wordplay of their own. Army don’t give a Ship, they give a truck.

The 2017 Army-Navy Game will be played on Dec. 9 in Philadelphia. Last year, the Black Knights won in an upset over the Midshipmen for the first time since 2001. This year, Navy will not only be looking for redemption, but there’s even more on the line: Both teams bested the Air Force Academy Falcons this season.

That means the winner of the game takes home the coveted Commander-In-Chief Trophy.

Army-Navy Game

The Commander-In-Chief Trophy currently under “serious guard.” (Photo by Politico Reporter Louis Nelson on Twitter @louisjnelson)

It’s a trophy presented to the service academy football team with the best record against the other two schools. Air Force currently has the most wins at 20. Navy has 15. Army only has six wins. Despite Army’s win in last year’s Army-Navy Game, the Midshipmen were still presented the trophy last year by President Obama.

The last time the Army received the Commander-In-Chief Trophy, it was presented by President Bill Clinton.

Army Navy Game

1996 Army Football team visiting the White House and President Clinton. (White House Photo)

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