The 13 funniest memes for the week of Nov. 17

Justice League comes out this weekend but you don’t care because you’ve been waiting for your Real-Life Justice League enlistment to end for the last four years.

These memes are for those sick of saving the world.

1. With all the sex scandals happening, its good that we can still count on something. (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

Oh baby yes.

2. Try putting a dominoes pizza hotkey on an AR-15 though.

military memes

“I heard something about a ranger tab but I can only find the regular tab key.”

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3. Tonight: The story of literally every day in the military. (via Team Non-Rec)

military memes

Update: You’re not going home anytime soon.

4. Guess how I know it’s not Fort Bragg. (via US Army WTF Moments)

military memes

A paratrooper would have done a parachute landing fall out the window.

5. There isn’t enough Motrin in the world to fix that foundation.

military memes

Also, it smells weird and no one wants to go there.

6. Because what we call a “deployment” is relative.

military memes


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7. “Follow me on my adventure through this office.”

military memes

Now back to the quiet safe room.

8. Call me when woobies become fashionable wear.

military memes

Urban Outfitters will never sell this color.

9. Welcome to BX barber shop.

military memes

Or the MPF. Definitely the MPF.

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10. Anything with snowflake, cuck, safe place, trigger warning.  (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

Also “The Air Force is the smart branch.”

11. Congress is about to pass a new defense bill.

military memes

Those babies are illegal under the Geneva Convention.

12. This one’s for the good cops out there.

military memes

“Next time, come back with a six-pack and some frozen pizza. The good kind.”

13. Why the Coast Guard’s job is harder than you think.

military memes

“Or you could be the drunk that rescues regular douchebags… just like me.”

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