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Ward Carroll joins THE MIGHTY as Editor-In-Chief

Ward Carroll

Ward Carroll, Editor-in-Chief of

Ward Carroll is THE MIGHTY’s Editor-In-Chief, a role in which e brings a wealth of military experience as well as an extensive background in the entertainment industry.

During his 20-year Navy career, Ward served in four different F-14 Tomcat (the jet featured in “Top Gun”) squadrons, accumulating more than 2,800 flight hours in operations that included five extended aircraft carrier deployments to hostile regions around the globe. His last tour on active duty was at his alma mater, the U.S. Naval Academy, where he taught English, leadership, and ethics. He retired at the rank of commander.

Immediately following his retirement from the Navy, he worked as the communications director for the V-22 Osprey program at the Naval Air Systems Command where he led the effort to improve that airplane’s reputation to the degree it was approved for use in real-world operations.

Ward left the government sector in 2005 and joined as the editor, responsible for all news, editorials, commentaries, and other content on the website and in e-newsletters. During his nearly nine years in that role, he oversaw the development of new verticals like Fitness and Entertainment, created the site’s blog network, and led the shift to original news content – efforts that resulted in exponential traffic growth and impact. He also made frequent appearances on radio and TV as a military analyst.

Ward’s writing has appeared in a wide variety of websites, newspapers, and magazines including the Huffington Post, the Virginian-Pilot, Hits, and Golf World. His three novels about Navy pilots — Punk’s War (2001 HB, 2014 TB and e-book), Punk’s Wing (2003), and Punk’s Fight (2004) — have been widely praised for their realistic portrayals of a military life. He earned the Naval Institute Press’ “Author of the Year” honors in 2001. He has two other published works: The Aide (2005) and Militia Kill (2006) and is currently working on another novel titled Autumn of the Sea Wolves.

Ward was a technical advisor to Paramount Pictures during the filming of “Hunt for Red October” and “Flight of the Intruder.” He is also a musician who has performed with the likes of Steve Morse and Cheap Trick.


Nancy Berglass joins THE MIGHTY Board Of Directors

Nancy BerglassWith a steadfast belief in the power of strategic partnerships to affect meaningful change, Nancy Berglass is widely praised as among the nation’s leading thinkers and doers for the nonprofit and philanthropic fields. Her expertise and leadership at the crossroads of philanthropy and community need are authenticated by an untraditional and adventurous career developing, helping stakeholders realize their visions for, and leading some of our nation’s most effective and innovative initiatives for social impact.

As Principal of the Los-Angeles-Based Berglass Community Investment Consulting, for the past 15 years, Nancy has worked with an impressive array of donors, grantmaking institutions, government agencies and nonprofit organizations to find effective solutions to the challenges they face. Key among her achievements is the design and leadership of the groundbreaking $260 million Iraq Afghanistan Deployment Impact Fund, the nation’s first-ever organized philanthropic response to the unmet needs of men and women in uniform. Nancy’s thoughtful and effective approach to distributing IADIF’s vast resources, to building the capacity of civilian society to support the All- Volunteer Force, and to evaluating the impact of philanthropy on nonprofits that serve veterans and military families, has earned her numerous accolades, including the Department of Defense’s highest civilian honor, the nation’s top grantmaking honor, and an advisory role the 2008 Presidential Transition Team. Nancy’s astute observations about the need for policy and systemic change in the post-9/11 era also earned her a position as a Non Resident Senior Fellow at the esteemed Center for a New American Security, a DC-based nonpartisan national security think tank, where her work is widely considered to be amongst the most influential on the national veterans’ policy landscape. From her leadership in developing the emergent field of veteran-support philanthropy, to her stewardship of the movement at the direct service and policy levels, Ms. Berglass’ work as both grantmaker and scholar continues to uphold the role of community partners as stakeholders in veterans’ wellness.

In addition to her work with military and veteran populations, Ms. Berglass has served as the architect of many other notable philanthropic initiatives. As Consulting Director for one of the nation’s most promising emergent family foundations, Nancy has played a central leadership role in stewarding a venture-capital grant that has enabled the San Francisco Unified School District to develop and demonstrate a groundbreaking new program to source and feed healthy food to its students; the effort is now widely anticipated to change the way our nation feeds children on its school lunch programs. During the pinnacle years of the American AIDS pandemic, Nancy served as President of the iconic NAMES Project Foundation/ AIDS Memorial Quilt, leading the Foundation to become the nation’s then-largest funder of local AIDS services grants, and facilitating an innovative partnership that enrolled the National Endowment for the Arts in joining with public health practitioners to communicate the scope of the AIDS pandemic. The fruits of Nancy’s work uniting the faith community and other community stakeholders with grantmakers after Los Angeles’ 1992 civil unrest, are sustained to this day. Nancy is an accomplished presenter, trainer and author on numerous matters pertaining to grantmaking, nonprofit management and ethics. She has formed, led or sat on the boards of dozens of nonprofit organizations, touching upon the arts; education; public health; immigration; economic development; women, children and families; and much, much more.

In addition to the US Department of Defense’s Distinguished Civilian Humanitarian Award, Ms. Berglass is the recipient of numerous prestigious honors, including the University of California Distinguished Social Sciences Alumni Award; the National Council on Foundations Award for Critical Impact in Grantmaking; a Senior Advisory appointment to the White House’s Joining Forces Initiative, and the coveted Kellogg Foundation National Leadership Fellowship. She graduated with Highest Honors from the University of CA Santa Cruz, and has pursued graduate education at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government and at the South California Institute for Architecture.

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