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Chase Millsap
Golf made my friend a better Marine

We all know that Marines win our nation's battles, and their discipline under pressure is a matter of life or...

29 April

Erik Sabiston
How vets can become airline pilots for free

Congratulations! You’ve decided to soar above the earth in your new career as an airline pilot! Being a pilot is...

14 December

Joel Searls
Power. Betrayal. Greed. ‘American Sicario’ is the action film we need this holiday season

American Sicario is an interesting and dark look into the seedy underworld of cartels and the families involved in such...

20 December

Military Life
Logan Nye
This Army therapist uses video games to help wounded warriors

Army occupational therapist Maj. Erik Johnson will use anything that works to help wounded warriors. One of the big problems...

4 February

Coffee Or Die
6 wild artifacts at the Gettysburg Museum of History

Just getting to the Gettysburg Museum of History means walking through the scene of significant events in America’s past. The house that...

21 April

Business Insider
This is why Trump’s Afghanistan strategy is controversial

In keeping with his elevation of military leaders to roles in policymaking, President Donald Trump has delegated the authority to...

2 April

Eric Milzarski
6 reasons why Vikings were just like our Marines, long before Tun Tavern

Troops today love to liken themselves to the warfighters of old — Spartans, crusaders, knights, pirates, or whatever else. It...

29 April

Paul Davis
This is why Killmonger is the most operator villain in the MCU

It's been roughly two weeks since the release of Black Panther and the frenzy is still unfolding. The movie is...

28 January

Joel Searls
Why ‘Turbo Cola’ is the nostalgic 90s film we all need

Turbo Cola brings us back to the late 1990s with a film steeped in centered nostalgia, a heist scheme, and...

2 January

Mike Dowling
15 veterans taking the comedy world by storm

Comedy greats Johnny Carson, Bill Cosby, Drew Carey, and  Rob Riggle all started their working lives in the military, and all of...

5 February

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