13 funniest memes for the week of Sept. 30

We scrolled through miles of the Internet to find and present these funny military memes. Please enjoy them.

1. This was a surprise (via Coast Guard Memes).

I'm sure joint service schools are filled with other branches calling young sailors "seamen" right now.

2. Ugh, I still get the ghost weapon panic every once in a while (via The Salty Soldier).

"It's in the arms room, cat."

3. "Welcome to the advancement exam. There's a good chance you'll make sergeant this time."

(via Sh-t my LPO says)

They should've made him walk into an Army promotion board like that.

4. Always be ready to lay waste to your enemies, especially at PTA meetings (via Pop Smoke).

Now you have to have a few kids so that you can properly crew the weapon.

5. The perfect cream to help with Navy service (via Sh-t my LPO says).

Might want to buy it out of pocket, though. Chief will get suspicious if he notices someone ordered it through the Navy.

6. "That's it? All of it?"

"Where does the drum of ammo go, again? It's been a while."

7. OMG, Navy. If you lifted more, you would be able to get out (via Pop Smoke).

Never go on land alone, sailors.

8. He has lots of sensitive parts, mostly areas of soft tissue and cartilage (via Military Memes).

Don't try to get away. It'll only get worse.

9. We have all sorts of games and prizes (via Pop Smoke).

"Have you ever ever heard of the burpee game?"

10. Speak softly and carry a few nuclear reactor-powered sticks.

Prepare the be #wrekt.

11. The Air Force needs luggage, not rucks (via Military Memes).

"It's all about OPSEC. If they had rucksacks on deployment, the other people in the hotel would know who the military folks are."

12. Funny thing is, she'll probably still reenlist (via Hey Shipmate).

"Will you guys put me in for promotion soon." "Yes. Yes, of course."

13. "This is a training program, right?"

"No, it's a deterrence program."