Whisper is a mobile app that allows users to post anonymous messages (called "Whispers") and receive replies from other users who might be interested in what they have to say. The messages are text superimposed over a (presumably) related photo to illustrate the point.

Whispers are questions, statements, or confessions. The app categorizes them especially for groups and subgroups of culture. Active duty, veterans, and civilians post military-related messages of all kinds, but some stand out as especially funny, nonsensical, and/or a little naive.

The first time WATM rounded up the best Whispers, they were mostly confessions about what people do in – and to – the military. This time around we found people who haven't even joined yet are ready to sham, skate, and chase some tags.

I'm not sure anyone would notice.


That's why there's an Air Force.


Oh, you are gonna hate everything once you're actually in.


Some people are born lifers.


I don't know how you have the strength. You're such a hero.


Wait til they learn about "in-processing checklists."


Please wear that to basic training. Please.


More Air Force material.


Just have someone yell at you while you do push-ups. You'll be ready.


When I was in, I saw their true colors all over barroom floors.


Don't eat too much during meals; you'll get fat.


You tha' real MVP.


. . . the kind of crazy called "every veteran ever."


Someone wanna let this woman know what happens in between?


Just try not to think about why he left that part out.


It's usually called the "Taxpayer."


Nothing sets a mood like reruns and public service announcements.