22 things every boot has done but will never, ever admit

Those who served in the military are a part of a very tight group which some consider their second family — co-workers become their brothers and sisters.

Typically you can admit to anything to family and get absolution for your sins. But some things we do are so embarrassing we'd never tell a single soul in fear of how people may see us forever after.

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So check out our list of things every boot has done but will never ever admit to anybody — until maybe their deathbed.

1. That time you jumped on a grenade (a Jersey Shore type) when you didn't have to

2. Admitting to being a Blue Falcon

3. Fraternization

4. Clogging the toilet in the barracks

5. Getting an STD


6. Not reporting suspicious activity

7. Being the one who lost an important object (and your unit can't go home until it's found)


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8. Getting a power trip when you put on rank

(Terminal Boots, YouTube)

9. Being bitter than your friend made rank before you

(Chalee Jr, YouTube)

10. Getting out PT'd by someone in a rival military branch

11. When you had a sh*tty time on leave but told everyone it was great

12. When the hot chick on the phone isn't your real girlfriend

13. When you lie about how much you can lift

14.  The embellishments in the "No sh*t there I was" story

15. Getting drunk and crying to your girl

16. Counting every rep during a PFT

17. Lying about your moto tattoo (you weren't really drunk when you got it, you're just embarrassed you thought it was cool at the time)

18. Checking out a buddy's girl (he doesn't know what to do with that)

19. Being scared the first time you...

I'm not scared! (Image via Giphy)

20. Feeling moto after seeing a movie

And all she did was watch the trailer. (Image via Giphy)

21. Not knowing what an acronym (or a term) means but acting like you do — because there's just too damn many of them

He has no idea what that really means. (Images via Giphy)

22. When you know she's a guy but you think she's hot anyway.

Wait for it... boom.  (Images via Giphy)
Can you think of any more that you're willing to admit? Comment below.

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