Here's the Russians' answer to anti-tank missiles

The Arena active protection system is a Russian tanker’s answer to rocket-propelled grenades and anti-tank missiles.

Unlike reactive armor which neutralizes impacts with an outward blast of its own, the Arena system aims to avoid impacts altogether by intercepting incoming threats with projectiles. It’s also more technical in that it uses a multi-function Doppler radar and digital computer scans that arc around the tank like an invisible forcefield. Its computer system has a reaction time of 0.05 seconds and protects most of the tank except for the area behind the turret.

Here’s the step-by-step explanation of how the system works:

The Arena active protection system forms an invisible protection barrier around the perimeter of the tank.

arena active protection system perimeter

vaso opel, YouTube

Once a weapon crosses its perimeter, the Arena system deploys its projectiles to intercept the threat.

arena active protection system projectile

stuka62, YouTube

The Arena’s weak spot is the area behind the turret, which could be the front or the back of the tank depending on the gun’s position.

arena active protection system weak spot

vaso opel, YouTube

The entire sequence literally takes place in a blink of the eye.

Arena active protection system real-time reaction

vixed123, YouTube

Here’s the same shot from a different angle.

arena active protection system angle 2

vexed123, YouTube

Here is the entire sequence in super slow-motion.

arena active protection system slow motion blast

vexed123, YouTube

Watch the Arena active protection system test video: