The 13 Funniest Military Memes This Week

Welcome to 2015! The holidays are over and, for some of us, the shine is already coming off the New Year. If you need a boost to face the next 52 weeks, try these 13 military memes that made us laugh.

The dog jumped; paratroopers just fall

Air Force, Airborne, military memes, working dogs, canines, K-9
Hey, the dogs get parachutes too.

No loitering or soliciting

Marine Corps, Devil Dogs, Military Meme
The only bum fights with national security repercussions

The best air shows require ordnance

Air Force, bombing, Military Meme
Why set down the controller? Can’t you pilot with those now?

It’s alright, you’ll sweat it out

Military Meme, Physical training, PT
As long as you wear a reflective belt

No s–t, there I was…

Military Meme, National Guard, Ice Cream Truck, Army
…it had been hours since lunch, and I was at the back of the line.

If they were equal, the Marines couldn’t spend so much time bragging

Military Meme, Marine Corps
Nope, just paid the same.

Dress for the job you want

PPE, Military meme, Army, deployment, Combat
Pretty sure those toys are wearing their helmets though. Proper PPE, fellas, Proper PPE.


ENDEX, Military Meme, Kunsan, Air Force
Best feeling in the military is, right before you have to admit you screwed up, hearing ENDEX.

The miracle of birth

Military Meme, Air Force, Jets, Fighters, Cargo planes
Jets, the only babies that throw their own showers

Overly manly man has a sweet tooth

Cavalry, Cav Scout, Military Meme, Overly Manly Man
No. They don’t share them either.

Lock the door, leave the lights off

Duty NCO, Military Life, Military Meme
It’s always the duty. ALWAYS.

At least they included a spot for the helicopter

Air Force, Navy, Golf, Carrier, Military Memes
Kind of surprised they settled for only one hole

Military service is steeped in tradition

Military Meme, History, Army, Rockets, Bazookas, AT-4
Worst time for a negligent discharge
This is how missing or captured troops get promoted

According to the Department of Defense, prisoners of war and those under missing status continue to be considered for promotion along with their contemporaries.

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This is how long South Korea thinks it will take to conquer the North

South Korea says they are developing new plans to defend against advancing North Korean threats after a data breach left their outdated plans vulnerable.

This stunning video shows how well 100-year-old ammo works today

While original 1911 pistols surely still function today, turns out so does the ammo from that era.

This could be the Army's next rifle — and it's totally awesome

Textron debuted its newest rifle, the Intermediate Case-Telescoped Carbine, at AUSA. It's lighter and more deadly than the current M4.

16 jokes Germans could die for telling under the Nazi regime

The Nazi Party was well short of a majority when it came to power. So it's easy to believe that not everyone was a big fan of Hitler or his ideas.

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In an effort to reduce its fiscal footprint, the Navy is looking at making smaller ships. But these defense researchers say it's a terrible idea.

Now that ISIS is on the ropes, these guys have turned the guns on each other

Two US allies, which were armed and trained by US forces, have turned their weapons on each other, and there isn't much the US can do about it.

This is the definitive history of the world's most advanced fighter jet

The new F-22A Raptor fighter jet is the most advance fighter jet in the world, and it dominates on every level imaginable.

This is how the $102 million B-1A almost replaced the B-52

The plan was to buy 240 B-1As to replace the B-52 as the Air Force's primary strategic bomber, but eventually, they each found their place in the force.