The 13 funniest military memes of the week

Memes, memes, memes! Glorious memes! Well, funny memes. Not sure they’re glorious, but they’re worth laughing at.

1. If you’re not sure there’s PT, your first-line leader failed you.

Military memes lazy PT college student

But if there is PT and you don’t show up, it will still be your first-line destroying you.

2. Army logic (via Team Non-Rec).

Military memes Army no sense camouflage PT belt

Duh, that’s why they wear reflective belts that can only be seen by friendly forces. Wait. They can only be seen by friendly forces, right?

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3. Projecting American force across the gazebo(via Sh*t My LPO Says).

Military memes Navy cleanup sweeps

Keeping the quad safe for barbecues.

4. Good job, airman. Good damn job.

Military memes Airman carrying imaginary gun with trigger discipline air force

Now, we just have to get the Air Force to learn about “uniformity” and they’ll be like a real military force.

5. The struggle is real.

Military memes POG life field time Office Space

“B-bu-but, mermites are gross!” “Uh, we’re eating MREs this time.” “NNOOO-OO-OOO!!!”

6. Crew chief is mad about cleaning all the glass (via Military Memes and Humor).

Military memes window lickers marines air chief helicopter

He should be careful sticking his hand out like that. Devil Dogs bite.

7. Chaos 6 was knife-handing before he saw his first knife (via Marine Corps Memes).

Military memes Marine Corps USMC Mattis Chaos 6

He considered his movement from the womb to the hospital room to be his first amphibious landing.

8. If you wanted to look impressive in PTs, you should’ve joined the Marine Corps (via Coast Guard Memes).

Military memes coast Guard sexy jacket bojangles moped

If you wanted to look sexy on a moped, you were out of luck in the first place.

9. Yeah. Your last unit did everything differently (via Coast Guard Memes).

Military memes last unit packing tape

Luckily, we don’t care about your last unit

10. See? The Air Force does get dirty.

Military memes Airmen Airman Air force in mud pit marine corps USMC Marines

They only got dirty because they thought it was a mud spa, but they did get dirty.

11. Yeah, yeah, yeah. “Army strong. Har. Har.”

Military memes fatbody Army Strong chubby

Really though. It is kind of embarrassing. They could at least make him wear a girdle or something.

 12. The Navy defends their bases with whirling metal blades of death (via Sh*t My LPO Says).

Military memes Navy mowing grass details clean sweep

They’re defending the base against tall grass, but they’re still defending it.

13. Thought you’d make it out without one more NJP? (via Marine Corps Memes)

Military memes Marine Corps USMC Marines EAS NJP Ninja punch

Too bad.

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