The 13 funniest military memes of the week

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1. Tricky Dick knew tons of secret ways of getting the weapons clean faster (via Marine Corps Memes)

Military memes Armory weapons cleaning

Too bad those secrets were all in that 18.5 minute gap on the tapes.

2. B-2 getting up to attack speed.

Military memes 88 freedoms per hour Air Force B-2 B2 spirit stealth bomber

Well, unless you’re where the democracy is dropped. Then you’ll see nothing – ever again.

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3. Know all those classes when you get to a new post?

Military memes Mayhem Army

This guy is why.

4.  This is what happens when no one takes charge.

Military memes Marine Corps USMC Colors

I always copy the guy wearing a PT belt. That guy is squared away as f*ck.

5. Future puddle pirate, right here.

Military memes Navy Coast Guard Remote boat service rivalries

It’s not about the size of the boat in the fight – except when it is.

6. “Technician!”

Military memes Drone taking fire

She even looks like a new Air Force pilot.

7. A hero modestly explains his significance.

Military memes Kind of a big deal

“I pulled a lot of firewatch to earn this.”

8. In his defense, it’s not like you stand at attention for it (via Marine Corps Memes).

Military memes USMC Marine Corps boot

It’s just going to be awkward when the machine starts correcting his position of parade rest.

9. The Nazi Air Force didn’t focus enough on PT.

Military memes do you even lift air force luftwaffe WWII

I’m just sitting here trying to figure out how you crash a plane without breaking the prop. Shouldn’t that have been rotating? Might be why you fell.

10. The driver is trying to find the button for JP-8 …

Military Memes Army tank warfare lost lt lieutenant

… and the PLT sergeant is inside buying dip.

11. How the Air Force turns new recruits into the toughest badasses on the planet (via Marine Corps Memes).

Military memes Air Force Basic training Care Bears

Welcome to the jungle.

 12. Some branches kill terrorists …

Military memes Coast Guard

… some branches pull drunks out of the ocean.

13. Well, doing PT takes, like, an hour a day.

Military memes Navy PT fat body

Buying larger PT gear only takes 15 minutes.

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