The 13 funniest military memes of the week

It's Labor Day weekend!

Some of you military types will be by the pool, some of you will be skating or shamming on duty, and at least one of you will be explaining to someone on Facebook that Labor Day isn't about veterans or the military.

Let the best memes of the week help you stave off any labor (for at least a few more minutes) and give you some tips for celebrating the holiday.

1. Don't forget to include your pets.

"But can he reload?"

2. Remember: you can get arrested for a DUI while driving a boat.

The Coast Guard will ruin your Yacht Party.

3. Guys, be yourself when talking to the ladies.

You know it's true because it's the first thing he said to her.

4. Be prepared if the ladies reject your advances.

"This is worse than Clearwater!"

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5. Just in case, pack your rain gear.

"Lucky for you, water also makes the grass grow."

6. Be sure to pick up some fun for the kids.

"Doc said I needed more greens in my diet."

7. Get your paperwork done early. (h/t Air Force Memes & Humor)

You know the MPF will close for a training day the Friday before Labor Day. You just know it.

8. Word gets around when you're having a party. You may have to dodge people. (h/t Pop Smoke)

"No party here, just my 62 closest friends and a bottle of zinfandel."

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9. Every veteran has that one veteran friend.

How did she even see him?

10. Be sure you listen and heed your safety brief.

"That was a close one. He's safe now."

11. Let loose, and relax a little. Maybe grow a little facial hair.

12. Take in a movie. (h/t Pop Smoke)

That's the same year this movie was released.

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13. And don't forget Grandpa.

"Why can't I club him with his own gun?"