9 troops who are having a way harder day than you

1. This guy tasked with vacuuming the dirt off the parking lot for punishment.

vacuum parking lot

2. Or this guy who got it worse, he has to mop up the water during a rain storm.

mopping rain

3. This Chinese soldier made to stand at attention at needlepoint.

training in the chinese military

4. This Marine getting pepper sprayed during OC spray training.

marine oc spray qualification on ship

Photo: Cpl. Manuel A. Estrada/USMC

5. These Army recruits training in the gas chamber.

Basic training complaints soldiers in gas chamber

Photo: US Army Staff Sgt. Ronald Shaw Jr.

6. These Marines PTing while wearing M50 gas masks.

M50 gas mask run

7. This soldier perched on a sink trying to unclog the bathroom drain.

flooded barracks

8. These guys trying to pull a three-ton humvee out of the mud.

humvee in stuck in the mud

9. This Marine passed out in the dirt.

infantry sleeping dirt


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