About Me

Nicole Terwey is a Lieutenant and an Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Navy Reserves in Nashville, TN. She completed nearly 10 years of active duty service in the Electronic Warfare community and earned her master’s degree in Organizational Leadership before building the next chapter of her life as a certified Life Coach, Weight Coach, and Fitness Coach.

Nicole specializes in helping military women lose weight confidently and permanently, especially if they are struggling with losing weight and keeping the weight off after being on multiple diets. Her personal struggles with years of weight loss and weight regain at the Naval Academy and her time in Active Duty led her to find the true solution for permanent weight loss, which is the cognitive component, or the mental strategy.

Combined with her knowledge, experience, training, and coaching skills, she now works with women in the Navy, Marine Corps, Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard who are either in Active Duty, the Reserves, or the National Guard who want to lose weight once and for all.

To work with Nicole directly, visit her site at: