WE ARE THE MIGHTY (WATM) is the first entertainment and lifestyle media brand devoted exclusively to the interests, needs and opportunities of the military community. Pop culture meets the military through WATM's distinct network of digital, traditional and social media platforms that feature authentic stories, premium original and curated video programming of all genres as well as photography, quizzes, lists and much more.

What is WE ARE THE MIGHTY's mission?

Our mission is to be a media brand that entertains and embraces the lifestyle and values of the community we serve. We want to transform the way our audience consumes and engages in media and entertainment by creating and sharing stories that are relevant, entertaining, educational and inspirational. We are fully committed to hiring veterans, helping non-profits and supporting veteran entrepreneurs – a truly "double bottom line" company.

How can I partner with WE ARE THE MIGHTY?

We invite members of the military community (active-duty, veterans, family, friends and supporters), professional content creators, non-profits and public service organizations to partner with us. Individuals and organizations that would like to know more about sharing their content and/or partnering with WATM, should complete the Content Submission Form on our site.

What kind of content and information are you looking for?

We are seeking authentic military-themed content and stories that entertain, inspire and inform. Our door is open to content creators (video and editorial), and on-air talent who are connected and passionate about this community. We are seeking all categories and genres including: reality, comedy, drama, sports, events, music, family, and youth focused material as well as instructional and educational programs.

How can I submit content?

We would love to hear from you! Join our community and be a contributor. Complete the Content Submission Form at www.wearethemighty.com.

Who can I contact about advertising and sponsorships?

Please send your questions and/or inquiries to marketing@wearethemighty.com

Who is behind WATM?

WE ARE THE MIGHTY brings together a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of the military, traditional and digital media, entertainment, business and the non-profit sector. More information about WATM's founders, team and supporters can be found on our "about us" page.

Who handles press queries?

Please email  pr@wearethemighty.com

How can I reach someone at WE ARE THE MIGHTY?

Email us at info@wearethemighty.com.

Are you hiring?

We are always looking for talented individuals, primarily veterans, who have expertise in areas specific to digital media, content creation (video and editorial), sales, marketing and PR and technology. Please send your questions and/or qualifications to info@wearethemighty.com.


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