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These are our favorite military Tik Toks this week

The best thing about TikTok is that it’s a never-ending well of hilarity. This week, we’re digging in the archives to bring you 10 of the best videos about military life. Some of the language in these videos might be NSFW, but they’re definitely great for a laugh!

1. First night is always the worst … No one ever knows how to tango

2. Gotta love the Air Force …

3. If there’s a way to sleep, a service member will figure it out

4. Marines, sound off! Is this what you do at 2100?

5. NOT hands in pockets! The AUDACITY

6. What did this guy do?

7. The plastic cutlery never works

8. Who are we kidding. AF doesn’t even DO PT.

9. “What do you mean, Sarge? I’m here.”

10. Glad to see he’s wearing his PT vest. Safety first.

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