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Top 5 tips when hiring local workers when starting a business overseas

Building a company might seem straightforward, but it is one of the toughest things you will embark upon in life. It requires resilience, motivation, and plenty of resources, including funds and workers. As the company owner, you are the king of your empire, and therefore, everyone reports to you. It can be quite tough when looking for local workers to support your company overseas, especially if you are not conversant with how things happen in the country. An important component of the American Dream is to own your own business. However, what do you do when your dream involves international trade? Recruiting employees from foreign countries comes with its challenges, but with the right guidance, you will succeed.

Examine the labor regulations of the country

Scrutinizing the foreign country’s labor laws should be at the top of your list as it determines whether or not you can actually hire local workers. Different countries have different local labor laws, so do not assume they would be similar to what you are used to in your home country. Similarly, the local labor laws can differ per state or city. Ensure to confirm guidelines concerning employment, hiring requirements, contracts, the termination procedure, international deployment process, and the company requirements. The easy way out is hiring a lawyer. However, keep in mind that at least US lawyers pretend they aren’t vampires, foreign ones may swoop down on you the instant they see you. Coordinate with facebook groups of expats for references before hiring legal representation.

Top 5 tips when hiring local workers when starting a business overseas
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Keep in Check with Local Contacts and Social Networks

Thousands of people all over the globe are jobless and are always waiting for an opportunity to apply venture into new spaces. This means that you will get a lot of applications from various people in the local country and probably would not know who to hire. To ease the recruitment process, have your local contacts refer people they are confident about. This can be done by asking distributors, friends, and business associates in the same field. Getting the right workers for your company is crucial for business success. Additionally, you can take a chance with social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Consider the Local Culture

According to research done by Geert Hofstede, individuals’ performances at workplaces are directly affected by their culture and beliefs. Therefore, as a foreigner seeking local workers, you ought to learn and observe the cultural beliefs of the employees to facilitate understanding and well-being. Get as much information about the people’s culture, with more emphasis on their backgrounds and cultural beliefs. It would be best to observe the norms, traditions, and holidays in a foreign country to avoid quarrels with the local people. Asking your employees to change their traditions and beliefs for your course is not right. Instead, you should incorporate them into your schedule. For example, some countries may have more socialist views when it comes to employee benefits at your detriment. It is perfectly okay to say ‘this country does not meet my business needs’. Its not racist, it is reality.

Top 5 tips when hiring local workers when starting a business overseas
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Come Up with an Adjustment Plan

A wise man once said that the only people who can succeed in this world are those who are flexible to adjustments. This applies to every field in a business, from suppliers, partners to employees. Before developing any plans, ensure they are adjustable so they can suit the overseas works. Forming a good working relationship with your workers is important because it helps create rapport and eliminates barriers. If you already have workers and seeking new workers, ensure your plans will enhance equality between the two. Emphasize on communication and openness to allow proper understanding and togetherness. If you apply the management skills learned in the military without the hazing, it will be a smoother transition.

Go for the Smarter Ones

Smart workers, unlike hard workers, will always find their way around certain factors. When recruiting, try to pick smart people over hard workers, but this does not mean hard workers are entirely useless. Recruiting workers overseas is more complex and costlier, therefore, no chance should be taken when hiring. Only the best should qualify to work in your team, and to get them; you must be extra cautious. If you are unsure what to do to get the best workers, get an HR team to help with the process. In perfect world, you would not need to watch your back to this extent but if you’re a veteran entrepreneur venturing outside the US, be prepared for anything. Take your time finding good, loyal people, you’re going to need them.

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