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6 things every boot should know before going to supply

Heading to supply, also known as Central Issue Facility, is one of the worst experiences troops go through during their career.

It’s a lot like riding a bad rollercoaster ride of emotions — all while getting treated like sh*t. Since most service members can’t do their jobs without the proper gear to support their mission, they must go to supply to get those necessary materials.

There are countless stories out there about the hell many of us endure during a visit to supply — most of which aren’t positive.

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Check out the six things every boot should know before heading to supply

6. The gear won’t be as clean or new as you’d expect

When you show up, a civilian worker will quickly maneuver you around the massive aisles while tossing various items into your cart. Typically, you don’t know the names of all the stuff that gets thrown in, but just know that somebody before you probably drank out of that canteen or slept in your woobie.

It almost feels like wearing used underwear.

6 things every boot should know before going to supply
You’re going to get issued this woobie next. We guarantee it.

5. It’s going to take a long time

Supply is a busy place, which makes sense considering that all troops need support. So, once you show up there, don’t expect them to be waiting for you with a red carpet rolled out.

6 things every boot should know before going to supply
You’ll do exactly as the size suggests.

4. You’ll feel like you’re back in boot camp all over again

You’re going to be treated like sh*t. The workers at supply want to get you in and out as fast as possible. The first time you have a brain fart — as you did in boot camp — standby for them to start treating you like the boot you are to get you out faster.

We’ve seen staff NCOs get spoken to as if it were their first day on the job.

3. They run on civilian time

Many supply and CIF offices open a little past their scheduled hours and they’ll often cut off services just shy of when they’re supposed to close to ensure they get home on time.

You’re not supposed to close for another fifteen minutes! (Image via GIPHY)

2. Keep your all paperwork/receipts

Guess what? The supply office usually keeps pretty good records of everything that goes out since they barcode the majority of their inventory. If their paperwork says you received a piece of gear, but you claim that’s not true, you better have the hard evidence to back it up.

Unless you can prove it via your paperwork, you’re liable for everything.

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1. You don’t own anything you’re issued

Supply gives out this gear temporarily. Once your mission is over, you’ll need it return it in nearly the same condition as you received it. If you don’t, you’re looking at having to replace the item or paying for it out of pocket.

So, don’t grow too attached to anything.

Get a room you two. (Image via GIPHY)
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