The 13 funniest memes for the week of Nov. 3

What happened this week in the military? No. Really. What happened??

Bergdahl will walk free. The actual Green Berets are trying stop green berets from being issued to other soldiers. A judge halted the President’s ban on transgender soldiers. These are incredibly polarizing issues for the U.S. military and its veterans.

You know what isn’t polarizing? Memes.

And here are the dankest memes from the veteran world this week.

1. Betsy Ross is playing with fire.

military memes


2. Trim those sideburns, soldier. (via People of the PX)

military memes

AAFES: When you need a haircut, a pizza, and a TV in a 20 minutes.

3. But he’s paying 26% interest on that Nissan. (via Awesome Sh*t My Drill Sergeant Said)

military memes

I suddenly can’t live without something I didn’t know existed.

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4. Charlie Sheen has a Google Alert for this.  (via Decelerate Your Life)

military memes

“But it was a LOT of drugs, guys.”

5. Gear adrift is a gift.

military memes

Filthy little Hobbitses are such geardos.

6. Every one thinks they’re a foreign policy expert.

military memes

What’s “real” depends on your point of view.

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7. Veterans know leadership. (via U.S. Army WTF Moments)

military memes

Must promote.

8. In the Army, Forrest Gump is considered a genius.

military memes

My DD-214 and I are like peas and carrots.

9. “Welcome to Fort Bragg”

military memes

But they threw in the undercoating for free.

10. A good king leads his troops from the front.

military memes

As real as Air Force leadership gets.

11. Crew chiefs get their name on the plane for a reason.

military memes

Oh, I understood that reference!

12. Now we both have a machine gun. Ho Ho Ho. (via the Salty Soldier)

military memes

“I’m also an orphan of a bankrupt culture who thinks he’s John Wayne.”

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13. Getting that first job after separating is tough.

military memes

Also, records management.