The 13 funniest Veterans Day memes for 2017

Last week was a special week. The Marines had a birthday and we all stuffed our faces at the tactical thanksgiving America’s restaurant chains offer veterans every Veterans Day.

Let’s start Monday off with some fun by rounding up the best of this year’s Veterans Day memes.

You’re welcome for our service.

1. “Mom, I’ll take the trash out after I get back from Denny’s.” (via Decelerate Your Life)

veterans day memes

Walter White has seen some shit.

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2. Veterans haven’t been this vigilant since their last day in the military. (via Pop Smoke)

veterans day memes

“But did he earn those red, white, and blue pancakes?”

3. If he walks out on the bill, it’s not that much of a loss.

veterans day memes

Hopefully you can’t get abducted by the Taliban at Applebee’s.

4. Keep fighting the good fight. (via The Salty Soldier)

veterans day memes

The mission continues.

5. “Who wants to volunteer to be on duty during the Marine Corps Ball?”

veterans day memes

Guess which one of these guys asked Alexis Texas to the ball on YouTube.

6. Rolling into Hooters like:

veterans day memes

“Hello, my ARCOM is up here.”

7. Don’t they know I’m a veteran? (via Why I’m Not Re-Enlisting)

veterans day memes

“You’re not hunting me, I’m hunting you.”

8. Oh Wait, Marine Corps birthday came first.

veterans day memes

A meal that sticks to your ribs.

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9.  Where did he steal that book from? (via ASMDSS)

veterans day memes

It’s not like there are pictures in it.

10. Don’t forget about other generations of veterans.

veterans day memes

Bert doesn’t want to talk about it.

11. In case you don’t know what to say:

veterans day memes

Most civilians are never face to face with greatness.

12. “Feel free to watch your step.”

veterans day memes

Clean like the day America was born.

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13. “To TGI Friday’s I will go.”

veterans day meals

“Friday it always is in here.”