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Top 10 military TikToks for the week

Looking for a few laughs? Check out this week’s TikTok roundup, featuring the best the platform has to offer! Some of these might not be safe for work, but they’re always safe for a good laugh!

The Marines Win this One

Probably Shouldn’t Mess with the Coasties

A Perfect Sync Between the Firing and the Music

This Definitely Needs Some Work


The Navy& Marines have issues with directions ??navy marines usmc miltok army military funny fypシ

♬ original sound – Parallel_World

Actual Footage When This Happens

He’s in Half Battle-Rattle to Fold His Clothes

Maybe They Should’ve Braced the Cinder Block?

The Canadian Looks More than a Little Stuck

It’s the Group Laugh at the End

Okay, the Marines Win This One Too

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