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Top 10 military TikToks of the week

We could all use a laugh these days, so why not let off some steam and check out these hilarious military TikTok videos? These might not be safe for work, but they’re definitely good for a laugh.

He’s the Guy that Everyone Wants to be Around After a Four-Day

What is He Even Doing?


#fyp #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #navy when you find out your getting a 4 day weekend

♬ original sound – Miltok

But Why Aren’t They Using Scissors?

The Grossness of MRE’s Never Ends

“You’re Actually Going to Let My Comment Get to You?”


Always talk sh*t back veteran miltok military comedy

♬ original sound – Sunny

Whew, They Sure Ran Out Quickly!


Runnn drill sergeant is coming ?‍♂️ #usarmy #military #army

♬ original sound – Notinregz

The Crunchiness of that Uniform!

Never Miss the Gym Gains!

“Mission Failed Successfully”

Who Said Budget Cuts?

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