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20 fresh Navy memes straight from the sea

Generic memes? Pass. Sometimes we need a meme that’s so niche, it’s good. When it comes to the military, every branch has a whole world of memes worth exploring, and these 20 Navy memes are “bow-nd” to leave you laughing.

1.One of the most relatable Navy memes ever.

They’ll either have all of the patience when they return, or none of it. Proceed with bullsh*t cautiously.

2. Isn’t it beautiful?

Too bad you’ll never see it up close.

3. Never cut corners

This probably won’t happen. But what if it does?

4. Reuse, Recycle

He had it coming, he had it coming, he only had himself to blame…

5. Life in the Navy

All in a day’s work.

6. Heh…

Get it? Scan da…Navy in? No? Not even a chuckle? Okay.

7. It’s showtime

When the world needs the Navy, the Navy provides.

8. Be a Shame if…

Not today, Satan. Not today.

9. I mean, he did what she asked, right?


10. Loophole: Found

Except all you’re going to do on your trip is clean.

11. They Said Dive!

Orders are orders.

12. Shots fired

navy meme

Here, let me help you apply some ice to that third degree burn.

13. Beat the odds

navy meme

Before you hit 30, because then the odds are going to start beating you with a stick.

14. Remember that one time they got rid of rates?

navy meme

It lasted about as long as an airman would at sea.

15. The art of anticipation.

navy meme

Apply this at home. Tell the kids that guests are coming and hand them a vacuum. You’re welcome.

16. When someone says your name

navy meme

Who? Me? What did I do? Who died?

17. Go get a mop to clean up this mess.

navy meme

If you can find it, that is.

18. Why?

navy meme

The Air Force has service. Why don’t we have service? It’s not fair.

19. Definitely not sleeping…not at all…

navy meme

So convincing.

20. What they think you do vs. what you actually do

navy meme

Let’s be real…you do all 6 in one way or another.