Planning a military event is captured in these 9 memes

Trying to plan anything in the military is like, well, trying to plan something in the military. It’s a constant game of “Will this actually happen?” “What will change?” And the inevitable, “Will everything adhere to the basic rules of common sense?” It’s a real gamble, and anyone who has planned a military event knows just what we’re talking about. It might even feel impossible to accomplish anything, and we feel this feedback deep into our souls. 

Some comparable examples include: cleaning your house with wild toddlers running amuck, eating a browning while brushing your teeth, and literally treading on thin ice. Because, kind of like planning in the military, you never know when the bottom is going to fall out from under you.

But we digress. Without planning, nothing would get accomplished, and therefore, we’ve got to start somewhere! Take a look at these all-to-relatable memes that outline planning a military event. 

  1. Here’s a solid visual: 

Please wash your hands. 

2. Doing high-level math to mark your calendar: 

Get the big calculator out. 

3. This accurate representation of planning

They nailed it. Best of luck. 

4. Meanwhile, getting the high-ups on board and ensuring you’re following the rules:

Hope someone is keeping track.

5. Or when you’re totally on it and suddenly get ghosted

A meme about trying to make plans in a group chat, but no one answers.

Umm, what??

6. Or when you got volentold and didn’t want to make the plans at all

A meme about making holiday plans with family

Pshhhh if I have to.

7. Then when everyone cancels last minute

A meme about cancelling plans by pretending to be sick

Oh come on, nerds. 

8. When someone schedules a meeting to discuss the plans

Couldn’t this have been an email??

9. When the feedback comes in

Making plans with friends meme

Say what you mean and mean what you say, folks. 

Planning an event in the military might be its own kind of crazy, but it’s the best way to get things done. What are your best and worst horror stories from trying to work something into your crazy schedule?