Top 10 military memes that made us laugh this week

military memes of the week

We’re back with our latest edition of Top 10 military memes that made us laugh this week. And what a crop of laughs it was! From historical references to your favorite television shows, there’s bound to be a meme in this list that will have you walking away saying, “Finally, somebody out there gets me.”

This week’s selection hits across the DOD, includes some cartoons and some of your favorite shows.

Whether you’re current or former Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard or Space Force, we’ll do our best to keep you in good spirits as you head into the weekend. Make sure to tune in every Friday so you don’t miss out.

  1. We kick things off with a familiar dreaded feeling – your mood pulling staff duty. If you’re currently at a desk reading this military memes blog, we salute you.

military staff duty memes

2. Recruiters be like, “Boy, do I have a job for you.”

military enlistment

3. If we had a nickel every time this military meme came across our minds…


4. Because your 1st Sgt. is…inevitable.


5. Ron Swanson would have been a combat engineer, no doubt.


6. Spongebob provides infinite military meme material that keeps us laughing.

military memes

7. …as does this picture of Chrissy Teigen. We salute you, Chrissy Teigen.

chrissy teigan memes

8. Shots (possibly) fired!


9. Careful Peter, someone is always watching…like your favorite NCO.

military memes

10. And finally, to wrap up our favorite military memes from this week, a little love for our beloved Marine Corps! RAH!


We hope that you’ve enjoyed this week’s best military memes! Be sure to check them out for yourself, as well as follow us on our social channels by clicking the links below!




We’ll see you next week.