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Side hustles for service members to build wealth

There are many ways service members can make extra money with side hustles. For example, many people in the military mount metals or do woodworking, particularly making plaques. This is a guaranteed easy revenue stream because there’s always a Hail and Farewell happening somewhere!

Don’t forget about garage sale flipping, where you buy something for cheap at a garage sale and turn around and flip it for more money. PCS season never seems to end these days, so why not take advantage of it?

Doing something like driving for Uber, Lyft, Doordash, Instacart, and the like is another great side hustle if you’re in the military. The added bonus for this is you end up being able to scope out potential real estate opportunities on the job.

While it can take a bit of upfront cost, you could also start building a business or a brand as a side hustle. As long as you’re okay with the possibility of being in the red for the first few years, it can pay off big time in the long run with the right business.

Looking for extra ways to make a little cash? There are a lot of easy ways to rustle up some revenue – if you’re willing to think outside the box.

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David Pere is an active-duty Marine who is on a mission to educate the military community about financial readiness. Most people hear that term and roll their eyes, but Pere wants everyone to know that readiness can be achieved – without a lot of effort. He teaches personal finance and real estate investing to service members to help increase savings and increase their chances of achieving financial freedom.

Want to learn more about Pere? Check out the Military to Millionaire website, and connect with him on Instagram or Facebook. Subscribe to his YouTube channel here! Take a look at David’s book – The No B.S. Guide to Military Life here.

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