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The best A-10 memes on the Internet

Before we get to the A-10 memes, let’s cover something else. A while back, Team Mighty posted a story about song lyrics airmen shouldn’t text to each other to avoid punishment from the Air Force. For that list, we created this meme:

miley cyrus on a-10

Airmen did not love seeing Miley riding their beloved A-10 Thunderbolt II. To repay our debt for defiling the most beloved of Close Air Support airframes, we collected the best memes and internet humor with the A-10 and/or the GAU-8 Avenger. Netizens love the A-10 as much as ground combat troops, so A-10 humor isn’t hard to find.

There are the best A-10 memes and motivational posters.

a-10 memes motivational poster brrrrrrt
dear santa
a-10 memes motivational poster

There are newer jokes.

straight outta brrrrrrrrrt
keep calm and brrrt on
warthog jaws
drop your mixtape

And old favorites.

the hills are alive
whatcha thinking about
whatever doesn't kill me a-10 memes

And even Star Wars A-10 Jokes.

use the brrrt luke a-10 memes
r2d2 a-10 memes

There are digs at ISIS.

oh hi there a-10 memes
call the caliph a-10 memes
christmas carol a-10 memes
isis a-10 memes

And digs at the Air Force for trying to get rid of the A-10.

air force a-10 memes
retire the a-10 memes
y u no brrrrrt a-10 memes

We love the GAU-8 Avenger, the massive 30mm hydraulic-driven gun, around which the plane is built.

Most importantly, we love the BRRRRRRRRRRRT

today's forecast a-10 memes
happy birrrrtday a-10 memes
say hello to my little brrrrrt a-10 memes

And the A-10 is a great way to show your appreciation on Facebook.

a-10 memes
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