Sandboxx: The military platform, forms a new advisory board to help the DoD focus on recruiting

Aug 16, 2023
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sandboxx new board

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Sandboxx Announces Strategic Board of Advisors to Address Military Recruiting and Talent Management Crisis.

“We are facing a critical moment in the history of the military,” said Sean Howard, Chairman of Sandboxx's newly formed Advisory Board. “The recruiting environment is more challenging than ever before, and we need to take bold action to ensure that we have the talent we need to defend our country. This board of advisors will help us do just that.”

Sandboxx, the leading military platform connecting service members with their loved ones, announces the establishment of a distinguished Board of Advisors to grapple with challenges faced by the military recruiting and talent management landscape. This strategic move aims to confront the ongoing military recruiting and talent management crisis by leveraging innovation, rapid experimentation, and a commitment from the US Army. With the support of this board, Sandboxx will empower family and friends of military members to gain a deeper understanding of the military journey and the invaluable benefits of serving our country.

The founding members of the Board include:

  • Former Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy Russ Smith (USN, Ret.): As the highest-ranking enlisted Sailor, MCPON Russ Smith wields invaluable expertise in career development and culture management.
  • Brigadier General Patrick R. Michaelis (USA, Ret): Currently serving as the Commandant of the Corps of Cadets for Texas A&M, BGEN Michaelis has an extensive background in military recruitment and training.
  • Former Secretary of the Army Patrick Murphy: Patrick Murphy brings Sandboxx deep military policy and strategy reform insights. His expertise will be instrumental in shaping Sandboxx's initiatives.
  • Sean Howard, CEO of WPP's government practice: With oversight over both the Navy and Marine Corps Recruiting agencies, Sean Howard possesses extensive media experience in reaching today’s eligible military population and execution of campaigns that bring America’s all-volunteer force into recruiting offices globally.

By harnessing the expertise of its newly formed Board of Advisors, Sandboxx is poised to make a significant impact on military recruitment and talent management.

In June, the US Army introduced the Digital Prep for Success Program, a cutting-edge recruiting and retention program co-designed with Sandboxx to help recruiters optimize their efforts and enhance Future Soldier success before basic training. Sandboxx’s business model allows the DoD to harness Sandboxx at no cost, simplifying how the platform can work with the DoD. Like Facebook or LinkedIn, Sandboxx is a “Common Good” designed for the needs of today’s digital servicemember, their families, and the commands they serve. As such, commands can opt to use it without burdensome contracting or policy processes that stifle innovation.

Building upon this milestone, Sandboxx aims to shift public opinion toward recognizing the value of military service and counteract the misperception that plagues our current recruiting cycle. Serving as a comprehensive source of truth and bundling today's digital and mobile experience expectations, Sandboxx provides essential resources for new military members to prepare for their first enlistment while connecting their loved ones and friends to their military journey.

The urgency of addressing the military recruiting crisis is underscored by President Biden's mobilization of 3,000 reserve troops and the activation of the Individual Ready Reserve. With most branches slated to miss this year’s recruiting goals and all services recruiting pipelines well underwater, the opportunity to curb this national security threat can not wait. These measures highlight the severity of the current recruiting environment and the need for immediate action.

“Our military deserves a platform uniquely dedicated to each service member's journey. In the same way we have LinkedIn for our careers and companies have Slack for internal communication, our defense community needs a digital space to call home,” said Patrick Murphy, who spent years leading the US Army innovation and transformation efforts. “Sandboxx is like a rockstar digital Platoon Sergeant, always looking out for the soldier’s best interests.“ During Patrick’s time as Acting and Under Secretary of the Army, he reformed many recruiting policies including equality, gender, and parental leave policies to compete in today’s job market.

With over 4 million users, the platform captures more than 70% of new military families today. In the last twelve months, Sandboxx has created nearly 1 trillion media impressions via its owned channels. The app possesses a unique opportunity to reshape public perception of military service in America with an immediate impact on the nation's understanding and appreciation of the value of service.

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, Members of the Senate and House Armed Service Committees have turned to Sandboxx as a channel to reach the new military recruits and their parents. The campaign enables lawmakers to individually thank incoming recruits and their families, welcoming them to the military family. Earlier this year, Service Chiefs and Branch Secretaries asked Congress to help reach greater America with the opportunity of military service. With this new campaign, Sandboxx is committed to reversing the decline in America's propensity for military service.

"Now is the time to invest in educating America about military service," said CEO Sam Meek. "With the support of our new Board of Advisors and legislative communication campaigns, we are confident that Sandboxx will revolutionize public perception and drive positive change in the recruiting environment."

The Board is actively recruiting leaders across the military spectrum from established military spouses to policymakers and retired DoD leadership. They are committed to optimizing our defense talent machine immediately. With its comprehensive platform and unwavering commitment to service members and their families, Sandboxx is determined to reshape America's view of military service.