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Don’t be this guy holding a weapon

hooting a weapon for the first time is a sensation you’ll never freakin’ forget. For the novice marksman, squeezing off those first rounds will definitely bring a smile from ear to ear. But novice marksmen are, well, novices. As you move on in your military career, we bet you’ve known at least one person trying these moves to show off.

There are several safety rules put in place for a reason, but countless people around the globe treat their weapons as if they were toys — and many end up having accidents as a result.

Really, it’s not that difficult to learn how to properly care for and use a weapon. But for whatever reason, people are convinced that they are outside the rules. Check out this list of the idiots being idiots.

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The one-handed gunslinger who just ruined his rifle trying to show off.

We’re not sure why anyone would try to do maneuver a weapon one-handed. Just in case, here’s a video showing you the right way to handle your weapon if you’re down to one hand.

The guy who doesn’t know the difference between the trigger and the magazine release.

One goes bang, while the other goes clank.

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He’s great at hitting nearby water jugs; now he needs practice nailing the downrange target.

Maybe that guy needs a refresher course on gun range safety and etiquette.

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Check out this montage of stupid people doing stupid things with guns.

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