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October 19, 2017

Blumhouse Television and We Are The Mighty Partner to Produce Searching for Bergdahl

The untold story of the soldiers involved in the nearly five-year (1,797 day) search for the missing sergeant -- one of the largest manhunts in military history – employing more resources than even the search for Osama Bin Laden.

Deadline Hollywood: We Are The Mighty Partners with Blumhouse to Produce Bowe Bergdahl Documentary

September 22, 2017

Gold Star Mother's Day (Sunday, Sept. 24th)

An Opportunity for Honor, Reflection and Connection from WATM's Co-Founder & CEO David Gale

There are few things in life more difficult for a parent to accept than the loss of a child. While we have names for people who have lost a spouse (a "widow" or "widower"), or have lost their parents (an "orphan"), there is no commonly-known word for a person who has lost their child. It is unimaginable.

March 6, 2017

February 9, 2017

Hollywood Bridging The Military Civilian Divide

Trumps Freeze Hurts Young Veterans Who Were Already Having Trouble Getting Jobs

January 25, 2017

Military Media Brand We Are The Mighty Unveils THE MIGHTY 25 Veterans

Whose Impact and Influence are Shaping America

June 4, 2015

The Craftsman Brand Teams With Leading Veteran Empowerment Organization to Connect and Support Returning Military

America's Most Trusted Tool Brand Introduces Donation Program and Short Film Series Regarding Military Transition

Fast Company: Craftsman Tools and Veterans Group Celebrate Father's Day With Film Series

April 4, 2015

Army General Stan McChrystal (Ret) Sits Down With We Are The Mighty For A Discussion About National Service

McChrystal Tells WATM that the American Concept of Citizenship has Deteriorated to an Alarming Degree


6 of the most notable pre-M16 military guns

Throughout history, the U.S. Military has used a wide variety of guns to win its battles. Prior to the M16, there were several weapons used across the service throughout some of the most devastating wars the world has ever seen.

Here are some of those weapons:

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How R. Lee Ermey's Hollywood break is an inspiration to us all

While there have been many outstanding actors and celebrities who have raised their right hand, there has never been a veteran who could finger point his way to the top of Hollywood stardom quite like the late great Gunnery Sergeant R. Lee Ermey.

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China and the US could end up in a war – here's what would happen

It's unlikely that the U.S.-China trade dispute is going to escalate to a full-scale war any time soon — but it's not impossible. Neither side is inclined to go to war with the other, but a war of that scale is what both plan to fight. All it would take is one bungled crisis, one itchy trigger finger, one malfunctioning automated defense system and the entire region could become a war zone.

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Here are the best military photos for the week of April 20th

The military is always evolving and new things happen every day. With each changes comes a new set of challenges and new opportunities to succeed. Thankfully, there are many talented photographers in the community that capture these struggles and triumphs.

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5 ways troops accidentally 'blue falcon' the rest of the platoon

Every now and then, the pricks known as 'Blue Falcons' come and ruin things for everyone else. They break the rules and make everyone else suffer. They rat out their brothers- and sisters-in-arms. They even damage the reputation of others to make themselves look better.

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Why I'm thrilled Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel

Look, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is really lighting my fires when it comes to their female superheroes.

When Marvel Studios announced they would be bringing Captain Marvel to the big screen, I was thrilled. I was also immediately invested and my expectations shot through the roof.

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This is how American pilots used drop tanks as bombs during WWII

If you pay attention, you might sometimes see long, cigar-shaped pods firmly attached to the undersides of classic fighter and attack aircraft, sometimes with unit markings on them.

Known as "drop tanks," these simple devices extend the range of the aircraft they're hooked up to by carrying extra usable fuel. Back during World War II, however, attack pilots found a secondary use for drop tanks as improvised bombs, used to bombard enemy ground positions.

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The hilarious ways Chinese police are combating jaywalkers

China is so desperate to stop jaywalkers it has turned to spraying them with water.

In Daye, in the central Hubei province, one pedestrian crossing has had a number of bright yellow bollards installed that spray wayward pedestrians' feet with water mist.

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