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Sinking ships? The Army requests $1 billion to do just that

With the Department of Defense reorienting itself toward the Pacific, the Army is requesting to purchase more than triple the number of Precision Strike Missiles (PrSMs) in the fiscal year 2022 compared with 2021. The service is requesting 110 of the new long-range attack weapons. Seeking to solidify both a stronger operational capacity in the Pacific and … Continued

US general says NORAD responded to more Russian military flights near Alaska last year than any year since the Cold War

Last year, the US saw more Russian military flights near Alaska than any year since the Cold War. Gen. VanHerck said the flights show “Russia’s military reach and how they rehearse potential strikes.” He characterized Russia as the “most acute challenge to our homeland defense mission.” See more stories on Insider’s business page. The military … Continued

The new USPS truck will be built by Oshkosh Defense

The United States Postal Service is intrinsically linked with the military. Military mail operates as an extension of the USPS and the postal service is one of the largest employers of veterans in the country with over 97,000 as of 2020. What many people may be surprised to learn is that the iconic right-hand drive … Continued

Did you know Timex was once a major U.S. defense contractor?

That’s right; the same company that makes affordable watches that you can buy at Walmart was once a major player in the world of defense contracting. It’s difficult to imagine, but Timex used to be mentioned in the same sentences as industry giants like Lockheed and Northrop. Timex was originally founded in 1854 as the … Continued

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