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6 misconceptions civilians have about the Army

Whenever soldiers go on leave, it always plays out exactly the same:

“O! You’re in the Army? My friend from work’s brother is in the Navy, so I know allllllll about it…”

This is followed by a in-depth one-sided discussion abo…

How to resolve a fight in under a minute

We’ve all been there.

Maybe you’re exhausted at work and accidentally end up butting heads with a supervisor, or maybe things have boiled over at home and you suddenly find yourself in a shouting match over who forgot to buy toilet paper on …

What is the real solution to military suicides?

[brid video=”116524″ player=”7965″ title=”Three Vets What is the real solution to military suicides”]In this episode of “3 Vets Walk Into A Bar . . .” host Ken Harbaugh talks to guests Mark Harper and Tristan Dyer about what solutions th…

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