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This world wonder may be lost forever in Afghanistan

Many people in Afghanistan perceive Bagram as an extensive US base, contrary to what the British Museum thinks. In its recent exhibition, Bagram boasted being a major trading city and the summer capital of the North Indian Kushan Empire back in the first centuries. A couple of French archaeologists made an astounding discovery in the … Continued

The 5 most unlucky empires in all of world history

Not all empires are created equal. Some are built over centuries and fall only because of internal mismanagement. Some outgrow their ability to govern themselves. Others seem formidable on the outside but are actually slowly rotting away. Some just outright get conquered. Then there are those who, in a chain of inexplicable events, just seem … Continued

This is how Genghis Khan exacted his revenge when his grandson died

The man who would become the ruler of the Mongols had the birth name Temujin, which means “blacksmith,” and it epitomized how he would confront everything with an iron fist. While “Khan” is a traditional title meaning a “ruler” or “leader,” scholars are still uncertain of the origin of “Genghis.” From an early age, Genghis … Continued

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