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Military romance … in memes

Marriage and the military certainly have their own set of stereotypes. This is true whether you’re the one in the service, or are the spouse to a service member, active duty, Reserves or National Guard. And in most cases, what life is really like and what’s believed by the general public varies greatly. (That’s not … Continued

Our 10 favorite April Fools’ memes

It’s a holiday that dates back hundreds of years. As France switched to the modern Gregorian calendar in 1563, not everyone got the memo. Those who didn’t change systems in a timely manner celebrated the New Year, as they didn’t know it’d been changed to January 1. These people were called “April fools,” who were … Continued

These 11 memes perfectly describe military uniforms

Blues, Pinks and Greens, NWUs, Cammies, ABUs, ODUs, ACUs — whatever you wear, or whatever you call it, it’s the standard in your branch. These are names of the most common daily wear (and dress uniforms) of military branches. Though the uniforms themselves vary among the ranks and jobs, the jokes usually do not. After … Continued

Our 10 favorite presidential memes

Serving as President of the United States is no easy task. But, with all due respect, it still leaves you at the mercy of the rest of the population to turn you into memes. It’s almost our duty as constituents. Join us as we poke fun — gently — at our commanders in chief and … Continued

These 20 clever Coast Guard memes will float your boat

Aside from the Air Force, the Coast Guard might be the most underrated military branch there is. Somehow, they manage to block out the haters and keep on laughing– mostly at themselves.  From protecting our waters to commandeering drug smuggling turtles, enjoy these hilarious Coast Guard memes about the guardians of our shores. 1. Watching … Continued

20 fresh Navy memes straight from the sea

Generic memes? Pass. Sometimes we need a meme that’s so niche, it’s good. When it comes to the military, every branch has a whole world of memes worth exploring, and these 20 Navy memes are “bow-nd” to leave you laughing. 1.One of the most relatable Navy memes ever. They’ll either have all of the patience … Continued

Military jargon in 10 amazing memes

If you know the language of the military, you know what we’re talking about. It’s basically a language all its own. Full of acronyms and nicknames that don’t make sense to the general public, there are entire strings of conversations that can go on including nothing but jargon. (And good luck to anyone not in … Continued

Planning a military event is captured in these 9 memes

Trying to plan anything in the military is like, well, trying to plan something in the military. It’s a constant game of “Will this actually happen?” “What will change?” And the inevitable, “Will everything adhere to the basic rules of common sense?” It’s a real gamble, and anyone who has planned a military event knows … Continued

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