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US general says NORAD responded to more Russian military flights near Alaska last year than any year since the Cold War

Last year, the US saw more Russian military flights near Alaska than any year since the Cold War. Gen. VanHerck said the flights show “Russia’s military reach and how they rehearse potential strikes.” He characterized Russia as the “most acute challenge to our homeland defense mission.” See more stories on Insider’s business page. The military … Continued

4 possible career paths to pursue after the military

This article is sponsored by Trident University International. Military service is a great option for anyone looking to kick start their career. Anyone coming into the military – officer or enlisted – can pick up transferable skills that can be utilized in today’s workforce. More than that, the military provides opportunities to help its personnel … Continued

The Kiss Army is now really helping defend America

The 2019 government shutdown is going on for so long, federal employees are about to miss their second paycheck. There are a group of crucial, dedicated employees who are showing up to work every day because their job is just that important – the …

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