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Iran and the CIA teamed up to test Soviet airspace defenses

Project Dark Gene sounds like an effort to create an unstoppable army of evil super soldiers, but it’s actually much more sensible than something like that. It was a joint effort between the U.S. and Iran to get aerial reconnaissance information from inside Soviet airspace. It went about as well as anyone might imagine. Before … Continued

What exactly is Iran’s shadowy Quds Force?

For many Americans, it can be tough to understand exactly how Iran’s military apparatus stacks up against our own. Both nations manage their defense efforts in fundamentally different ways due to necessity, cultural differences, and internal politi…

5 countries before and after they fell to authoritarian rule

Regimes rise and fall. The Roman Empire lies in ruins and most of the former European colonies have regained their independence. Yet, each of these regimes leaves a long-lasting print on the land they rule. By shaping the laws, the economy and the livelihood of the inhabitants’ leaders control the culture. Some of these legacies … Continued

These are the jets Iran would use to fight the US

After forty years of sanctions and arms embargoes, Iran’s air force has slowly become an eclectic mishmash of aging platforms sourced through various channels. If war were to break out between Iran and the United States today, U.S. pilots would fin…

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