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10 of the Navy’s best jobs

Trying to decide what career path to take in the Navy? Like the rest of the military, there are plenty of jobs for everyone. And there’s a job to fit…

6 jobs in the military that require insane brainpower

Not all military jobs are created equal. Some are dangerous, some are highly technical, and most fall somewhere in between.

Here are the 6 brainiest enlisted military jobs (in terms of

These were the weirdest military jobs of WWII

As processes change, so does the way we perform daily tasks. For instance, decades ago, it was normal to receive milk at your front door. Now you go to the…

The 6 most OFP jobs in the military

For the uninitiated, OFP is a military initialism that means, “own f*cking program.” The term is commonly used by one service member in reference to another that seems to be immune from formations, uniform inspections, working parties, and the gen…

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