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You never forget your first … duty station, in memes.

You never forget your first — that’s what they all say. Whether service member or military spouse, your first duty station sticks with you for the duration of your military existence. Why? Because it’s all-new, and likely not so shiny. You have to learn things the hard way, you never know where anything is located, … Continued

These 20 clever Coast Guard memes will float your boat

Aside from the Air Force, the Coast Guard might be the most underrated military branch there is. Somehow, they manage to block out the haters and keep on laughing– mostly at themselves.  From protecting our waters to commandeering drug smuggling turtles, enjoy these hilarious Coast Guard memes about the guardians of our shores. 1. Watching … Continued

11 memes that are way too real for every Corpsman

Every day, Hospital Corpsman encounter challenges and surprises they just can’t predict. Whether they’re stationed with the Marines, working sick call in a hospital, or sitting behind a desk handling necessary paperwork — it can get hard out the…

The 12 Funniest Military Memes This Week

Whether they’re picking on the sister services, on their own service, or on civilians, service members come up with some great memes. Here are 13 we found around the web that made us laugh this week.

I’m sick of cleaning this w…

These 11 memes perfectly describe drill life

Life on the trail — sigh. It’s a gig like no other. It’s intense, it’s nonstop, and it’s full of some of the craziest stories you will ever hear in the military. It’s like a decade of military life, compacted into 24 months of chaos. That’s drill life as we know and love it — … Continued

Military jargon in 10 amazing memes

If you know the language of the military, you know what we’re talking about. It’s basically a language all its own. Full of acronyms and nicknames that don’t make sense to the general public, there are entire strings of conversations that can go on including nothing but jargon. (And good luck to anyone not in … Continued

Planning a military event is captured in these 9 memes

Trying to plan anything in the military is like, well, trying to plan something in the military. It’s a constant game of “Will this actually happen?” “What will change?” And the inevitable, “Will everything adhere to the basic rules of common sense?” It’s a real gamble, and anyone who has planned a military event knows … Continued

Expectations vs. reality for 2021 in memes

There’s no denying that 2021 has started with a bang – good or bad, we’ve had a dramatic first few weeks of January. But, this is also a stark difference to what we were hoping it would be. For some reason, the majority of the population had an unwavering, illogical view that with the New … Continued