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A guide to CW5s, the military’s mythical rank

There is a special bedtime story that all platoon sergeants and petty officers tell their troops; there exists a special rank of chief warrant officer that is the premiere technical expert in their field. This mythical rank is called “Chief Warrant…

These 7 criminals regret messing with veterans

[brid video=”117911″ player=”7965″ title=”Inside Look 7 Criminals Who Messed With The Wrong Veteran “]After watching this compilation of crooks-meet-vets, it’s easy to see why veterans are the last people you want to mess with.


7 extreme jobs custom-made for vets

[brid video=”115911″ player=”7965″ title=”Inside Look 7 Extreme Civilian Jobs CustomMade for Vets”]Back in civilian life, there are plenty of high-intensity jobs that are perfect for those veterans who need a little more action than a cubicle …

We Are The Mighty salutes America’s veterans

[brid video=”115921″ player=”7965″ title=”Inside Look WATM Salutes America’s Veterans”]Every day is Veteran’s Day at WATM, but as the nation pauses to recognize those who’ve served we present this video tribute: