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Here are the type of TRICARE plans you can have

TRICARE is the current health care program in place by the United States Department of Defense’s Military Health System. The DoD offers health insurance and benefits for U.S. soldiers, as well as civilian workers, retirees and their dependents, up to 26 years of age, through the TRICARE program. Previously it was known as Civilian Health … Continued

3 major reasons plastic changed the face of war

Military combat has, for decades, demanded heavy machinery. Metals are some of the oldest tools used by the military since the dawn of time. Aside from deriving the most fundamental aspect of heavy-duty combat, metal comes with longevity, convenience and a coveted design that withstands any external condition. In the 19th century, a panoply of … Continued

The official unofficial nicknames of 5 modern military aircraft

The official language of the US military is English. But, to civilians, the military can seem to speak a completely foreign language. I’m not just talking about acronyms either. Words like woobie or gedunk will get you weird looks outside of the military (or even their specific service). This unique naming convention especially applies to … Continued

Why a NATO general defied the Supreme Allied Commander in Kosovo

On June 12, 1999, British Army Capt. James Blunt (yes, the singer) received an order from NATO headquarters to capture the Pristina Airport in Kosovo. There was just one problem: the airport was already seized by the Russian Army. The orders from headquarters told Capt. Blunt to advance on the airport and block the runway.  … Continued

5 spooky military ghost stories

If war wasn’t scary enough already, living enemies might not be the only ones you have to worry about. You see, where there’s war, there’s death, and where there’s death, there are ghosts…or ghost stories, at least! There are dozens, if not hu…

When the Coast Guard saved New York from a huge blast

In the early evening of April 24, 1943, Coast Guardsmen braved leaping flames and saved New York City from what could have been the largest man-made explosion in history to that point, a blast that would’ve wiped out sections of the harbor and, pot…

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