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The Army lost a super heavy tank prototype for 27 years

As the Allies advanced on all fronts in World War II, the United States needed a new weapon. It had to be able to protect Allied troops while being powerful enough to break through the German defenses at the Siegfried line and land on the Japanese mainland.  The Army built two prototypes of a super-heavy, … Continued

The US command overseeing the nukes sent out a confusing and unintelligible tweet — here’s 11 times the military has screwed up on social media

Sam Fellman and Ryan Pickrell 24 hours ago The military has codified the rules for managing these official accounts. But sometimes these social-media pros flub it. The screw-ups range from the Pentagon’s threat to bomb millenials converging near Area 51 to a “KnowYourMil” post about military systems that got it wrong. Visit Business Insider’s homepage for more stories. … Continued

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