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Movie making Marine shares story and insights to success

Military adviser and retired Marine Sgt. Maj. James Dever offers a glimpse into his past life as an active duty Marine and how his experiences and core values led him down the path to becoming one of the most influential military advisers in the entertainment industry. In this first iteration of a continuing series that … Continued

4 fictional countries America should invade

Ever since a 2015 poll revealed that a certain slice of Americana supported bombing Agrabah, the fictional city Disney’s Aladdin calls home, it’s been interesting to consider what other fictional countries have actually messed with the United Stat…

The ‘Field of Dreams’ game got an A-10 Warthog flyover

A flyover by military aircraft at sporting events has gone from an impromptu nuisance to a major tradition. Along with the singing of the national anthem, a military flyover evokes an unrivaled level of patriotism, especially before playing America’s pastime, baseball. So, when the MLB decided to pay homage to the classic film Field of … Continued

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