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Expectations vs. reality for 2021 in memes

There’s no denying that 2021 has started with a bang – good or bad, we’ve had a dramatic first few weeks of January. But, this is also a stark difference to what we were hoping it would be. For some reason, the majority of the population had an unwavering, illogical view that with the New … Continued

New year, new you? Thank Caesar for that.

Many of us will collectively roll our eyes as we scroll our social media in January. Between the “New Year, New Me” posts and detailed resolutions our friends and family will be sharing, you may be over it. But rather than approaching your feed with a pessimistic and hardened heart, maybe a little bit of … Continued

Coach Wooden’s Advice for 2021

When Coach John Wooden arrived at UCLA in 1948, the athletic department promised him they would eventually get him a nice gym. But until then, he had to share a poorly lit, unventilated facility with the wrestling team, the cheerleaders, and the gymnastics team, often with everyone practicing at the same exact time. This existence … Continued

8 memes to ring in the New Year

Let’s face it, memes are one of the best things about the internet. They simply wrap up our thoughts and jokes so perfectly — all with an image and a small amount of text. (Because who wants to do extensive reading when they’re just trying to let loose?) Yes, memes just get us. They get … Continued

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